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    Suggestions on a postcard please

    Howdy guys. I'm looking for some comments / suggestions if you guys have a moment. Basic setup of our network: Basically we can't decide if we want to try and have both broadband connections pumping running the VoIP phones as a priority or if we want to split things in two, i.e. PC's on one...
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    Website Script E-Mail problems when using Google Apps

    Here's another don't do what I did time saving tip. If you run a website script (say XenForo or vBulletin or Wordpress) and you use Google Apps for your e-mail and users on your domain never get their e-mail from the script but everybody else does then you probably still have your local mail...
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    Welcome To teczone

    Oh Herro! :D
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    What he said! I think. :D
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    Ubuntu 10.10 Installs - Memory Requirements

    It just so happens that as this site was being set up, Ubuntu 10.10 decided to make my life hell. Here's how: So, in summary, learn from my mistakes. If you're looking to re-purpose old computer hardware and are using Ubuntu 10.10 the installer requires 384MB of RAM or you'll be wasting your time!
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