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    [lighttpd] Automatic Vhosts

    Here is a nice little trick in lighttpd that can be used to make automatic vhosts for subdomains. Firstly enable mod_evhost in server.modules. Then add this to lighttpd.conf, modifying as required, and restart lighttpd. var.basedir = "/data/www/" var.baselog = "/var/log/lighttpd/"...
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    [nginx] Examples of using expire

    You can do something similar using lighttpd: $HTTP["url"] =~ "\.(css|js|gif|jpe?g|png)$" { expire.url = ( "" => "access plus 1 days" ) }
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    There are two basic ways to send arguments to a PHP page (lets keep things simple and ignore Cookies and Ajax). The $_GET array contains the values passed via the URL request. These are visible to the user in their web browser. The $_POST array contains the values passed via the HTTP headers...
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    Generating Passwords

    A common requirement for any sysadmin is creating passwords for users, websites or even VPN pre-shared keys. People are notorious for selecting bad logins so wouldn't it be nice if we could use the handy Linux device file /dev/random as a source. Unfortunately this outputs in raw binary but for...
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    Welcome To teczone

    Just wait until Deebs works out how to add the new ugly^H^H^H^H themes.
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    How to proxy your internet.

    So you're abroad and want to catch up on your favourite <insert country restricted TV stream>. Alternatively you're at a customer site or University that has some nazi firewall rules and you want to abuse their bandwidth, or you just don't want your ISP to monitor your downloads - then assuming...
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