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Deebs first started out with computers back in 1980 with a ZX80, then the following year moving onto the ZX Spectrum. His first role was running the network for Mortgage Systems Limited, based in the UK, at that time it had the largest mortgage book running on a PC network in the UK.

After Mortgage Systems Limited he then went to spend 10 years working at Direct Line Insurance as their Chief Technical Architect. Some of the things he did there was to introduce Novell Netware v2.2, Novell Netware v3 including SFT III, Lotus Notes, a fully resilient ATM network linking several sites at 155mbps. He was also responsible for the infrastructure behind

During 1999 he was introduced to QuakeWorld by TedTheDog and together they formed BarrysWorld which later went on to become a major factor in the Gaming Service Provider (GSP) in the UK. Having secured funding they set out to make it the best place to play any PC online game and succeeded. Unfortunately the VC decided to pull out so BarrysWorld went into liquidation. The assets were bought by GAME (the largest Game retailer in the UK).

Deebs was also employed by GAME and has used his extensive knowledge to implement the following:

  • Three 3PAR sans (now HP)
  • Checkpoint Firewalls
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 Std and Ent
  • VMWare ESX
  • Cisco enterprise networks
  • VoIP using Asterisk and Nortel CS1000IP
  • Jupitus has a geeky streak through his core, but is not a hard core technician in his profession. Also being of an age where ZX80s and BBC Micros were the bomb, he grew up playing games and with a keen interest in computing. Dropping out of Imperial College after studying part of a computing science degree, he has worked in a client services role within the financial information industry for many years. This means keeping abreast of changes in technology from a user persective and working closely with the true techs to make sure everything works as it should.... most of the time!

    Jupitus does say pffft to Deebs 155mbps network, by the way. His clients are receiving data feeds of business critical information which stream at that kind of rate, from central systems now processing upwards of 3 million transactions per second.....

    MYstIC G's interest in technology was forcibly instilled in him at secondary school. Having been given a laptop by his Dad it took all of 5 minutes for Windows 3.1 to disappear by way of an ill fated DEL command. Having erased Windows (something he would later learn was one of life's many hidden pleasures) he was told by his Dad that the laptop belonged to someone else and needed to be returned in working order. Not knowing his Dad was lying it took MYstIC G a week to reinstall Windows, well actually it took a week to find an installation manual.

    Ever since MYstIC G's approach to technology has been, pick it up, mess with it, break it, LEARN, fix it and put it back. MYstIC G is staunch supporter of "Trial & Error" and "Read The Fucking Manual".

    MYstIC G says pffft to the production environments of both Deebs and Jupitus, describing them as "boring" and has been heard remarking "if you can't crash a server once in a while, where is the fun ?".
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