How to proxy your internet.


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So you're abroad and want to catch up on your favourite <insert country restricted TV stream>. Alternatively you're at a customer site or University that has some nazi firewall rules and you want to abuse their bandwidth, or you just don't want your ISP to monitor your downloads - then assuming you have a Linux server back at home or the office there is a simple solution. An SSH based SOCKS proxy.

I'll assume you will be connecting from a Windows machine. Download and Install PuTTY if you haven't already. Enter your server profile and add an SSH tunnel as shown in the picture. The destination must be Dynamic and Source port 1080 is the usual for a SOCK proxy.

Then just open the link to your server are usual. Then in the network settings for your favourite browser, I'll use Firefox as an example, enter the following:

Replace with your local LAN subnet if required. All your web traffic should now be sent over the encrypted SSH tunnel to your remote server. You can confirm this by visiting WhatsMyIP with the proxy on and off.

Happy downloading.



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Good info here, dont forget that if you have a username/password setup you also need to think about setting up something like this into a script:


c:\Putty -l Administrator -pw qwerty12 -D 8080 -P 58745 -ssh

(this is from memory, correct me if i am wrong please :) )
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