Ubuntu 10.10 Installs - Memory Requirements


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It just so happens that as this site was being set up, Ubuntu 10.10 decided to make my life hell. Here's how:
On IRC we said:
(18:22:43) MYstIC_G: fuck me unity is annoying
(18:22:53) MYstIC_G: I want ubuntu 9 back!
(18:32:20) MYstIC_G: tell ya what, this fucking HP box hates Ubuntu
(18:32:29) Deebs^: why?
(18:33:19) MYstIC_G: no idea T, used the same CD on 2 other boxes today, one my old shuttle and the other being an even older HP box.
(18:33:33) Deebs^: so what happens?
(18:34:28) MYstIC_G: loads desktop, craps out new installer, drops back to desktop, mouse moves like it's being carved on the screen
(18:38:35) MYstIC_G: i'll be well pissed off if I can't sort this
(18:38:45) MYstIC_G: I don't want to use my shuttle here, it's too fucking noisy
(18:40:19) MYstIC_G: fuck me, it just burst into life
(18:40:44) Jupitus: wish Leeds would
(18:40:57) ***MYstIC_G hopes the installer is considerably less rubbish now
(18:41:19) Deebs^: heh
(18:51:31) MYstIC_G: stupid stupid stupid HP box
(18:51:51) MYstIC_G: there's always something with computers
(18:52:36) MYstIC_G: this box is well built, smart design inside (clips for everything), nothing flashy, nothing special, randomly hates 10.10
(18:52:48) Deebs^: 10.10 is so new
(18:52:53) Deebs^: have you tried 10.04?
(18:52:56) Deebs^: just out of interest?
(18:53:28) MYstIC_G: it's downloading as we speak
(18:55:14) Deebs^: hopefully it will be better
(19:23:06) MYstIC_G: seems I got around the problem
(19:23:32) MYstIC_G: ubuntu's installer is a fat cunt, 384mb ram required... so much for using linux to easily repurpose old boxes
(19:23:47) Deebs: it was memory related?
(19:24:14) MYstIC_G: seems so, I just threw in some spare memory and the things chugging along now
(19:30:48) MYstIC_G: can't believe this bloody thing is working now
(19:31:00) Deebs: heh
(19:53:40) MYstIC_G: stupid thing
(19:53:41) Deebs: \o/
(19:53:47) Deebs: put a note on teczone.net
(19:53:53) Deebs: about memory requirements etc
So, in summary, learn from my mistakes. If you're looking to re-purpose old computer hardware and are using Ubuntu 10.10 the installer requires 384MB of RAM or you'll be wasting your time!


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I've heard mutterings that the latest versions of Ubuntu and Gnome (10.4 LTS / 10.10 ) are a bit hungry on memory and only seem content on 1GB ram these days. The minimum spec for Desktop has been 512mb for some time but its only became more apparent with the later versions of Gnome.

It might be worthwhile looking at Xubuntu instead, it gets rid of the Gnome frontend for the lighter Xfce interface which isnt as resource hungry.

Or slap on Slackware and forget all about GUIs ;)
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